Ghana's fall from serial favourites to serious flops

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Comment: You are correct..

2013-02-14 05:19:41
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Ghanaians get way over emotional after these losses. 1) Changing coaches all the time does not solve anything, 2) Being harder on the local coach is unfair (Proven by Stephen Keshi with Nigeria), 3) Touting local champions to be selected is unrealistic (Solomon Asante is good but he missed an easy opportunity in the first half against Burkina and Clottey proved that he really is not that good), 4) We are underestimating how tough AFCON is. Keep in mind that we went further than Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Zambia and Angola. We should have gone to the final but Burkina was just bigger and stronger. Had we met Togo instead, we would have been in the final.

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anokwale on Feb 14, 2013 05:19