Ghana's fall from serial favourites to serious flops

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Comment: The Only Antidote

Ibrahim Alah
2013-02-15 07:01:45
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4 coaches in 5 years

The only remedy to our situation as I see it, is to keep the coach and experiment on the players in a reasonable time like we did in 1978 Cup of Nations in Ghana. Ghanaians don't appreciate what you do as a sacrifice and a service to your country especially when you fail to achieve a set goal, they fumed like crazy because of desperation. Go back to that period prior to the 1978 tournament and bring back the memory of how ungrateful Ghanaians were to the Black Stars match after match until the day Agyemang Prempeh got injured by the SS 74 (Black Stars won the match 3-1) team that we said was the only team the Black Stars had to beat to prove they were good, which they did. After that, all and sundry of the Ghanaian news papers started calling for an end to all trial matches, and to that call we did heed and we went on win the trophy with the local players who became big time super stars in the history of Ghana soccer.Let us talk to those involved in the preparations and stop all the nonses of talking or dealing with foreign coaches or the professional players. Another thing is, I don't believe some of these foreign based players do play their hearts out for Ghana (some play while thinking about their contracts), I might be wrong, but that is how I see or feel about our situation. Wake up Ghana we can make it. Think about the days Ghanaians walk to and from work, family visit, hospitals and appointments in 1983 during the revolution. That was a tough period, but we made it with the help of God and all Ghanaians.

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Ibrahim Alah on Feb 15, 2013 07:01