Ghana's fall from serial favourites to serious flops

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2013-02-16 01:20:23
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I think what was mising in the Ghanaian squad was those players who for certain reason failed to join the black Star team in South Africa. The Essiens, the Abedis, the Kelvin Prince Boatengs, ............. you name them. I think that some of these players more often than not consider the salary they receive and compare it to what Ghana will offer them after a tournament. Judge for yourselves the Ghanaian cedi and the Euro/dollar/pound which one will you prefare??? Leave Akwasi Appiah alone. He offered what he can as a good citizen. We all know that only Nkrumah and Acheampong were the true Ghanaina leaders at heart who took the Ghana Black Stars to victory. Now that the Obuasi gold is able to pilot airoplane enroute to Iran via Turkey unaided, presidents and their wives furnishing jewery stores in Europe only to be told that "Koo gyama wabo wo dam you think that the jewery store is yours". Do not blame it on Akwasi Appiah or any othe player but blame it on your foolish Mahama who celebrated the doom of the Black Stars at the hands of the Brokinabe when he remarked that it was a good thing that he did not go to withness that match between Ghana Black Stars and the Brokinabe. a whole president is that all you got for the Back stars and for that matter Ghana as a whole. Okwasea na ose wode me yonko na wonne me.

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Sam on Feb 16, 2013 01:20
Re: Ghana fall from serial..............