Open letter to NPP national chairman

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Comment: Other party members can disagree.....

Pittsburgh, PA
2013-06-02 22:00:19
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Open letter to NPP national chairman

Arthur K you got it all wrong. Nobody in the party says members should agree on all issues. If we did, we will not be a party. Where we differ is how we disagree or dissent. The party has a structure that has to be respected. Can you imagine what will happen if every member woke up and started dissenting from everybody? That will be chaos. No human institution can survive such a thinking. People who want to dissent cannot call others names. People who want to dissent attend meeting and voice their opinions at the appropriate platforms. You cannot call it dissention if the first time the party is hearing about your views is in the press just like anybody else. That is crazy! You call it dissention if it is on substance. You can't say it is dissent when people are openly insulting other members of the party members while at the same time praising their opponents. It is called taunting. Nobody will take that.
Above it all, one thing should be clear to people who will like to dissent. Just as they have the right to dissent and use foul language, others too have the same right and can also "dissent" from them in equal measure. You guys should learn to use the party structures and there will be peace for everybody.

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Pittsburgh, PA on Jun 2, 22:00
Other party members can disagree.....
Boagyaa Appiah-Kubi,Connecticut. on Jun 2, 22:06