New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis together

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Comment: People, wise up

Joe Ali-New Jersey
2013-07-01 01:54:53
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Re: Bono will never make peace with evil Ash

Apparently, only people who are naïve will find the historical masterpiece of Mr. Kyeremeh to be a distortion of facts. In the first place, the writer's analytical viewpoint seeks to inform Otumfour that by dint of intermarriage or other cultural links between the Asantes and other Bono states such as Wenchi and Techiman, there is the need for the Asantehene to link prominent chiefs in the Bono states such as Professor Owusu Sarpong as the new Wenchihene who traces his paternal anscestry from Asante to help resolve the unfortunate differences between them. It is an undeniable fact that because of intermarriage, the Bonos and Asantes are inseperable and therefore, as Akans with common destiny it is proper they come together as one people especially in terms of political perspective when other non Akan tribes see themselves as enemies of Akans (Asantes, Akims, Bonos and others)during election period.To me those who disagree with the writer are the ones who have been indoctrinated to believe that Asantes disrespect the Bonos out of political expediency. After all, President kuffour,s wife is Bono and even rivalry between the Bono and Asantes helps other suspicious tribes to capitalize on this to marginalize them in the usurpation of national political power. And this is the time the Bonos must team up with the Asantes to defeat the undisclosed communist inferior propaganda tactics of certain elements.

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Joe Ali-New Jersey on Jul 1, 01:54