Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

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Comment: Asante- bashing must cease!

Da Ruse
2013-09-25 01:44:00
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Should Asantehene Abdicate ....

I was hoping this Asante bashing will cease with the demise of one of the greatest Asante bashers of all-time in far away Kenya at the hands of terrorists on 21/9/13! What tragic death!
Young men and women should learn from history. 'Founders Day' massacre. Is it a coincidence? A Founder whose agenda included Asante-Bashing; who vowed to make chiefs run away and leave their sandals. Chieftaincy (at least in Asante) has outlived him! Asante and Ghana's greatest asset in the comity of nations is our unique culture. Asante culture and its Chieftaincy is unique. And Otumfuo the Asantehene is the head and embodiment of all that is Asante. The detractors are counting on severing the head of the 'snake' to leave it a mere rope. But they labour in vain. Whom God has blessed no one curses.
This agenda of Asante-bashing did not start today. We signed a treaty in 1874 with the British that could not prevent the near annihilation of Asante in 1896. The Asantehene then was abused, humiliated and exiled first to Elmina. We followed him to Elmina. They removed him to Sierra Leone. We followed him on foot to Sierra Leone too. They sent the Asantehene to Seychelles. Asante women led the Yaa Asantewaa war of 1900 and fought to protect the Golden Stool which the British and their collaborators could not capture. The Asantehene had been subjugated and exiled to an unknown land leaving our nation destitute to the plunder of economic vampires who had little to no consideration for our cultural and traditional values and norms. As a matter of fact whose ulterior motives were to annihilate Asante both in spirit and in form. If it were not so, how could anyone explain the use of military artillery hitherto unused anywhere in colonised world to subdue, plunder and desecrate the rich cultural heritage of the Asante Empire.
They kept the king for 28 years from 1896-1924 and only repatriated him after they realised that Asante people were ungovernable without their king.
His repatriation though joyous when it occurred had virtually broken the Spirit of an African superpower and it is noteworthy that supporters for it cut across  tribal boundaries; notably African members of the Legislative Council, Nana Ofori Atta, Casely Hayford, Dr Quartey Papafio and Nana Essando III
From this period to the Restoration of the Asante Confederacy (1935), it became apparent that an Agenda had been set, and that was Restoration of Asante to its past greatness!
The modern day 'Asante bashers' should learn from history. They are from across the political divide: NPP, NDC, CPP, etc. Asante is an intregral part of Ghana and a dragnet for potential tourists because of the unique culture and its well established traditions of which chieftaincy is at its epitome.
They should bear in mind the colossal damage they inflict on the fragile Ghanaian economy with their reckless articles and comments on all media including the Internet on Otumfuo the Asantehene and Asanteman. A comment headlined "Asantehene is criminal" does this country of ours no good.
Asante-bashing has become a game for some commentators, employers, school administrators, governmental agencies, businesses that exclude Asantes and blatantly discrimate against them.
A note of caution goes to those who post hate articles on ghanaweb, a site owned and operated by a Dutchman and his partner a Finnish born Ghanaian. Both are domiciled abroad and care less about the content you post. All they count are the millions of Hits your hate articles and comments attract. A word to the wise is enough.
May the reposed soul of the Prof. of Asante-bashing rest in peace. Amen

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Da Ruse on Sep 25, 2013 01:44
Asante- bashing must cease!