Assessing Mahama’s first year

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Comment: Mahama Roller Coaster Economic Figures

Kwesi Agbenu
2014-01-08 05:17:21
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Assessing Mahama’s first year

Records indicate that President Kufuor sound economic policies sustained and stabilized growth of the economy consistently from 2001 to 2008.

On the other hand, NDC/Mills/Kofi Dubai Mahama annual budgets have been suffering from knee jerks, lopsidedness, shocks and surprises arising from uncoordinated economic policies based on ad hocism, by heart, takashie single digit fixation.

Nothing is being sustained.

The Cedi is tumbling down.

The single digit inflation is a hoax.

The inconsistencies in the annual economic growth figures are clear:.

2008 (8.4%):

2009 (4%) :::

2010 (8%):::


2012 (7.9%): :

2013 (7.4%):

2014 (8%) target

No serious investor will be happy to be part of this Takashie fiscal policies from Kofi Dubai mediocre administration and producing unreliable, roller -coaster. Zig-zagging economic indicators.

Ghana deserves better. Ghana can do better!!!!!.

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Kwesi Agbenu on Jan 8, 05:17
Mahama Roller Coaster Economic Figures