Is there a Constitutional Case to Impeach President Mahama?

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Comment: @ebm

military man
2014-05-04 00:47:31
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papa samo

You are barking the the wrong tree, ebm

Neither Jacob nor I mentioned anything about dual citizenship.

What's your beef anyway?

May be someone should let you know that Ghanaians in overseas contribute more to the Ghanaian economy than those at home by means of remittances to relatives and also in the form of business investments than you've been made to believe. Just take the time to check it out and you will see that it's no bull.
In anycase, every Ghanaian.. be it those in overseas or at home, has a right to have an opinion to any issue regarding Ghana. Right?. So just be open-minded in your opinions.

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military man on May 4, 00:47