Nii Lamptey Vanderpuyer has become a talkative Minister

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Comment: Opeele Incarnate

2016-04-28 07:25:04
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Nii Lamptey Vanderpuyer has become a talkative Min

"Nii Lamptey, is gradually creating an impression of making the GFA unpopular before the general public"

For a moment, I thought I was listening to Coach Opeele on AsempaFM on the above take.
This Opeele: A disgruntled coach who the system refused to pay him for lack of performance had been very vocal in matters for and against involving the GFA-Nyantakyi to be precise.
The moment Nyantakyi bought him a laptop plus the payment of the arrears the system owed him, Opeele got compromised, should I say, he got corrupted by Nyantakyi's kind gesture.In effect, Opeele was bought over.He has since defended him thru thick and thin, good or bad.

Am at this juncture reiterating that the New Minister just come from the outer space.He has been around a long time and knows very well the goings in the GFA spearheaded by Nyantakyi.

Nyantakyi, for many years have duped Ghana in may forms, shape or character. He has been tolerated and shepherded by the wall of the GFA gurus for far too long. Apparently, his cup got full and the lid got slipped over to expose him.
We are all witnesses of the events the led to the Brazil fiasco. The part Nyantakyi and his henchmen played. The GFA, the players, as well as the Prez Mahama himself need not to be over emphasize here.
Nii Lantey had ascended the Ministry at a time when Nyantakyi's unpopularity had already infested the very fabric of the all loving Ghanaian football fraternity.
It would be therefore unwise, nepotistic, quite unceremonial,and very apolitical to say that, the measures the minister is trying to put in place is an attempt/purposefully designed or meant to debase the GFA.

He is here to honour the "Better Ghana Agenda: To build, and not to/never to destroy.
3y3 yie a, wommp3 anaa?
"Woy3 OmanbOfo paa"
Beats Me.

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