The class struggle in Ghana

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Comment: An unsolicited book review

Caring fellow Ghanaian
2016-07-04 14:32:20
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The class struggle in Ghana

Ali, if you can make so many mistakes in such a short article, I can't imagine the mayhem in your 250 page book. You wrote:
-"what tag will you accord individuals like the once US President Abraham Lincoln reforming the statuesque" instead of status quo.
-Nkrumah's quotation of "if the African is given chance, he will prove to the world that the Blackman is capable of Mangling his own affairs." Did Ali mean to say Managing his own affairs, because mangling means mess up?

And there was trminologoes instead of terminologies. And your "For I and the Father are one" was the icing on the cake. Nice try but you are no Kwame Nkrumah and you are far from his class if your writing is any indication.

And one more thing...I hope you are working with a good book editor because you will need one if you are going to come out with a saleable book.

Good luck!

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