Is the Supreme Court seeking revenge or administering justice?

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Comment: Re: I am tempted to agree with you

2016-07-31 16:21:43
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I am tempted to agree with you

Aku, most of the time when I read your comments in this forum whether I agree or disagree with you, you give me a great source of pride for your intelligent comments.

Aku, if you are implying that the four months prison sentence was too much, I respectfully disagree with you.

First, people are saying the three apologized and therefore deserve no custodial punishment. The fact is that only Nelson 'tepidly' apologized. Gunn even denied that he was not on that program and Mugabe even tried to justify his comments by playing the tanii tribal card.

These people could have been sent to prison for three years and got only four months slap on the wrist.

These fools threatened to rape the Chief Justice who is almost 70 years old. They threatened to murder them. They should have got at least twelve months in prison. There is nothing 'revengeous' about their punishment.

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