Is Rev. Prof. Martey a coward?

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2016-09-03 21:13:42
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Is Rev Prof Martey a Coward?

If u are a true pastor called by the LORD to herd his flock u will stay clean from politics. Now look at the way everyone is lambasting u all over. Because u have smeared urself with politics.Am a presbyterian and u will go down in my books as the most controversial moderator ever.The church is faced with so many problems. But u overlooked them and had time to talk everyday on politics.Unless u dont hear anything on the ruling govt. Straight away u are on social media. Why?Now u see why pastors have been advised to stay away from poli.tics. U have made urself a mockery to the Ghanaian public.The damage is already done. Hope the new moderator will take a cue frm this.Welcome Prof. Cephas Amenyo

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Matete on Sep 3, 21:13
Re: Is Rev Prof Martey a Coward?