Strategies for NPP to win Election 2016

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Comment: Only a fool will vote nana Addo

2016-11-13 07:39:23
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Strategies for NPP to Win Election 2016

The best strategy for npp is to find a sensible leader. Not a wee smoker n divisive leader and a dumb chairman. Remove all the violent people like ken and wontumi and their boss nana addo the most violent and divisive leader of all times. If npp can do this they will have our vote. If I vote for nana addo then am endoring violence divisiveness and wee smoking. Nana n Hillary have the same fate. They will never become president. JM we are behind you. JM toasu wai

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Kkd on Nov 13, 2016 07:39
Only a fool will vote nana Addo