MANASSEH’S FOLDER: The undiplomatic diplomat and the hypocrites

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Comment: Sam,you are out of sync!

2016-12-30 22:23:41
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No one is perfect

Give us a reply if you ever find out that your beloved dad was rapist,murderer,arsonist or paedophile and was exposed by his partner in crime, would you kill that person because he/she told the truth about your "dodgy" dad? The Turkish genocide against the Armenians were "accurately" recorded by the US Ambassador in Turkey at the time. The Turkish govt of today keeps denying it yet the US envoy saw all the atrocities that happened in the early 1900s and recorded them accurately.So my pal Sam, you can bury your lovely head in the Keta/Accra/Saltpond sand forever.

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Omane on Dec 30, 2016 22:23
Sam,you are out of sync!