The politics of tradition and founding principles - The case of NPP vs. other political parties

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Comment: Traditions vrs Also goes.........

2018-09-01 09:24:16
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The politics of tradition and founding principles

Thank you Iddi but be prepared to be crucified or roasted alive when they get to read this piece of facts analyzing the beliefs and traditions of the ruling party. It divides the rights from wrongs, cuts across character and habits, portrays the cultured and uncultured and what have you. Facts they say are sacred, most would understand your points by narrating where the NPP is coming from but the later-day saints would not budge I know. But let it be,Iddi,for they do not know where they’re coming from neither do they know where they’re going. At the end when the eight years is attained we will see where Ghana has developed into under the NPP which will surprise all. After all just judge for yourselves or compare and contrast the one and a half years to their eight years of power and be your own judges. Thank you

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