For the sake of justice, the IGP should arrest Kwame A-Plus ‘asap’!

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Comment: A Plus

2019-11-04 15:40:22
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For the sake of justice, the IGP should arrest Kwa

It's widely known that A Plus and all these political cohorts are frauds in to line their own pockets and satisfy their greedy and selfish needs. I followed his speech on his supposed TPP platform and wondered from his beginnings as to how he could own a house in London over looking whatever stadium, order for a Ghanaian passport in hours, call the Indian embassy and get a visa for his sister who needed treatment in India. How many Ghanaians can do that. Politics is sweet and he wants to use TTP OR PTT whatever his movement is called to achieve that. Indeed I noticed KSM amongst his listeners that day. Should he had chosen the path of A Plus he would not have been amongst the listeners on that day. Judging especially from where he has come from. Because where was A Plus when KSM was up on his act THEN.And as judgment would have it one KSM is living a humble and respectful life whiles Plus has to spend hours daily making videos on social media to defend himself from one allegation to the other.

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BEWOODE on Nov 4, 15:40