Why do l struggle to accept who l am?

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Notorious Ga Lad
2020-04-22 02:43:54
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Why do l struggle to accept who l am?

The writer is talking about behavioural and emotional adjustments which often is subjective. For instance, many are they walking around with mental health issues without knowing essentially it's a phase they are going through in life due to many factors like bad choices in life, broken homes, childlessness, depravity, divorce, low-self esteem, negative thought patterns, negligent parents, singlehood, trauma, unemployment, and you add to the list.

Do watch the Entertainment and News sections of this website. You are bound to see typical examples of so-called celebrities and other public figures, who make desperate effort with their utterances just to be relevant and be accepted in society.
Unknowingly, most have mental health issues. Unfortunately, you even have some pastors who one would consider as primary care givers to offer counselling to those who need it, have rather become part of this appalling behavioural craze.

Sad to say that in Africa, generally, we have too many people with low-self esteem. It is a common problem to the question as to why we find it difficult to accept who we are.

So until we are able to build a resilient or robust health care delivery system that integrates clinical pastors and counsellors, social workers, primary care physicians, other health-care professionals and psychologists on this Continent, we will keep duplicating our statistics of 'maniacs' around us who would keep struggling to accept who they are.

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