Adaklu-Tanyigbe communities raise alarm over suspected disease

Mon, 29 Jan 2007 Source: GNA

Sarakope (V/R), Jan. 29, GNA - Sarakope and its surrounding communities in the Adaklu-Anyigbe District are on the verge of becoming ghost towns as families continue to relocate to avoid contracting a suspected aggravated hernia which has afflicted the area. Youths and other economically well-off persons are reported to be leaving the communities on the quiet.

The communities include Akpokope and Batorme-Junction. Mr Richard Adukpo-Zuluu, a Teacher and an opinion leader at Sarakope, near Ziope, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the situation had reached an alarming state with fear gripping everyone. He stated that the number of people afflicted had increased from 78 to more than 300, out of a population of about 600.

Mr Adukpo-Zuluu said 60 people in the communities had also developed bilharzias with others having eye defects.

He said the people suspected the disease was due to a spell or the contamination of their source of drinking water by cattle.

Mr Philip Nanitome, Adaklu-Anyigbe District Disease Control Officer, told the GNA that the situation was baffling and that his outfit remained uncertain of the cause of the disease.

Mr Nanitome, however, said experts had suggested that psychologists be deployed to the communities to work on the psyche of the people. Meanwhile, individuals and opinion leaders the GNA spoke with said the alarming nature of the disease called for a "medical emergency" and urged government to show more commitment apart from bearing the cost of registering the victims for the National Health Insurance Scheme. 29 Jan. 07

Source: GNA