Health News Sun, 17 Feb 2013

Cape Coast hospital may be shut down if …

Authorities at the Cape Coast Metropolitan Hospital may be compelled to close down the facility if funds are not immediately released for its day to day operations.

The hospital is broke because the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has still not paid claims spanning over seven months while suppliers of the hospital keep puting pressure on authorities for their money.

Correspondent Richard Kwadwo Nyarko reported that the building housing the hospital is gradually wearing off.

“So many metals are rusting and some of the windows and doors are falling apart," Kwadwo said.


Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr D.G. Demenya who couldn’t hide his frustration, told Joy News the situation is fast getting out of hand.

He said the NHIA owes the hospital about GHS 600,000.

“At the moment, we are owing drug suppliers to the extent that even the regional directorate here refuse to supply us drugs,” he complained.

Source: Joy Online