Coronavirus: High incident of fake test result at KIA – Noguchi reveals

Covid 19 Coronavirus File photo

Wed, 28 Apr 2021 Source: happyghana.com

Senior Research Fellow at Noguchi, Mr Kofi Bonney has advised officials at the airport to be extra vigilant in reviewing documents of prospective passengers as most tend to hold fake Covid 19 test results to be approved.

In an interview on the Happy Morning Show with Sammy Eshun, he revealed that ” most individuals tend to fake their own covid 19 test results. Some people can sit in the comfort of their homes and create their own Covid 19 test results using their laptops. On numerous occasions, we have received calls from officials at the airport to confirm covid 19 test results of some clients applying for visas.

He further explained that aside from the rise in the number of health facilities conducting covid 19 tests, other factors have contributed to the low turn out of positive cases in the country.

"The reduction in the positive cases of Covid 19 in the country does not imply that we are safe. People are not taking the covid 19 test because of the vaccines. Most individuals are focused on being vaccinated than taking the covid 19 tests. This is because we have been made to believe that taking the vaccine is safer."

In response to questions around errors in Covid 19 result, he stated that ” it is highly probable that some Covid 19 test results may come out falsely. There is something called human error. As humans, we are prone to making mistakes. Due to the ineptitude of some workers, a whole barge of tests may come out negative which may be false.

He however advised medical practitioners to apply the quality control process when suspicion arises around a Covid 19 test result.

"There is something called quality control where a health practitioner can determine whether or not a test result is true or false. When he notices that a whole barge of the test results comes out negative or positive he can take clues of falsity and redo the tests again.”

Source: happyghana.com