Health News Sun, 29 Dec 2013

Eat your eggs with the yolk for good health

Since the 1950s, anti-tropical saturated fat propaganda has been raging. Hence, any natural food item that contained high levels of saturated fat and pure cholesterol came under the “radar” of the conspirators of the false “Cholesterol-Saturated Fat Hypothesis”.

The conspirators did not spare even “life giving natural food items” such as organic mammalian “breast” milk and eggs. Now biochemistry is forcing these conspirators to recant the false “Cholesterol-Saturated Fat Hypothesis” against their financial interests, albeit reluctantly.

Breast milk and eggs contain high levels of short and medium chain saturated fatty acids, which have the potential to protect animals including humans from diseases, when ingested. The short and medium-chain saturated fatty acids have been shown by extensive laboratory experiments and multitudes of animal and human studies to have antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. These unique short and medium chain saturated fatty acids are the main component of breast milk that protects the suckling baby from diseases.

The Calgary Herald of February 20, 2008 reported that a study of 27,000 subjects, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, showed that the risk of cardiovascular disease was far lower in men and women who consumed high quantities of eggs, especially the yellow yolk, than those subjects who abstained from eggs.

BBC News of 11 February, 2009 said a University of Surrey study suggested that “people could eat as many eggs as they wanted without damaging their health”. The study report was in the British Nutrition Foundation's Nutrition Bulletin. That news item stated “Researcher Professor Bruce Griffin said eggs were actually a key part of a healthy diet, as they were particularly packed full of nutrients”.

A research study by the Harvard School of Public Health has also shown that dietary eggs do not have a negative effect on blood cholesterol levels of healthy people. This and numerous other studies have shown that there is no link between eating eggs and a higher risk of heart disease or stroke for healthy adults; rather daily consumption of eggs with a bright deep yellow yolk helps to prevent heart disease or stroke.


The studies showed that HDL (good) cholesterol is increased while LDL (bad) cholesterol is lowered when people eat an egg-supplemented diet. The main component of HDL cholesterol is pure cholesterol. The main component of LDL cholesterol is polyunsaturated linoleic acid found mainly in unsaturated vegetable oils.

Eggs have been, for many centuries if not millennia, an excellent choice for a healthy diet; yet during the recent few decades the conspirators of the “Cholesterol-Saturated Fat Hypothesis” demonized the yolk of eggs.

Eggs are “nutrient-dense”. The bright deep yellow yolk contains all the nutrients such as vitamins, short and medium chain saturated fatty acids, proteins, cholesterol and minerals and half of the proteins. The white of the egg contains only half of the proteins. The main part of an egg which feeds the developing embryo is the egg yolk. These nutrients are basic, natural and vital for the survival the baby animal.

How can such basic and natural nutrients be bad for the health of humans?

A healthy choice therefore is to eat your eggs with the yolk.

Source: Yaa Oforiwah Asare Peash/ Dr Kaku Kyiamah