Educate children on 'dos and don’ts' of Coronavirus - NCCE urges Teachers, parents

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Fri, 15 Jan 2021 Source: Albert Kuzor

As part of measures to combat the coronavirus as schools resume across the country, the Deputy Volta Regional Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr. Oral Robert Amenyo has advised teachers and parents to be agents of change.

According to him, as children resume school next week, it’s necessary for their parents and teachers to take COVID-19 protocols seriously for the children to also learn from them.

“Now our children are going back to school and that is also a responsibility upon every parent to ensure that you also become part of the education, you educate your children on the dos and don’ts when they are on the campus. Gone are the days when they share water bottles, drink from the same cup and all those things but we must impress upon them that this must not be the situation as at now... we also want to impress upon the teachers that they must set a good example to our children. Children normally learn from parents, they learn from their teachers so when they see the teachers always in their mask, and then frequently washing their hands, there is no way they (children) will do otherwise," he said.

Mr Amenyo Oral in an interview with the press said this after the office of the Volta Regional NCCE organised a public education on the COVID-19 in Adaklu Tsrefe in the Adaklu District of the Volta Region, as part of efforts to fight against the coronavirus as the country is experiencing the second wave of the pandemic.

He said the Volta chapter of NCCE has since been in the “forefront of the Covid education and we are not relenting on our efforts, we will continue in that path” and so “seeing or hearing the second wave in many other countries and what is happening, what we are doing is that we will continue the education.”

The Director reiterated that the virus is real hence the need to ensure that everyone adheres to the various protocols in other to prevent any possible spread of the virus, saying “let everybody take the protocols seriously by using your nose mask when you’re going out, by allowing social distance and then also making sure that the frequent hand washing is a norm now, is something that you cannot do without."

He, however, urged the Ghanaian populace to “reawaken the education on Covid and begin to act or do observe the protocols and if we do so, we believe that this second wave will also pass by when Ghana is still safe as we went through the first phase."

Source: Albert Kuzor
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