FDA sensitises staff on stress management

FDA Sensitises Staff On Stress Management 1140x5701 The purpose was to empower staff in managing both personal and work-related issues

Tue, 9 Feb 2021 Source: thebusiness24online.net

The Human Resources (HR) Department of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has organized a virtual Stress Management sensitisation training for the members of management and the entire staff of the Authority. This virtual training took place on Friday, the 5th of February,2021.

The purpose of this training was to empower staff in managing both personal and work-related issues that result in stress especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Head of the Human Resources Department, Ms. Mary Mintah expressed the need for such a training for staff to enable them better manage stress at the workplace. She further emphasised that, stress must be effectively dealt with to achieve progress within the FDA.

She also touched on some personal and work-related issues that staff experience and urged staff to participate fully in the training because of its relevance to our day-to-day activities.

Mr. Andrew Manomey, Deputy Head, Human Resources Department took the members of management and staff through a presentation on stress management.

He indicated that stress represents any internal or external stimuli, force or event that appears challenging, threatening, promising or hurting and which has an effect on the survival of the individual whether real or perceived.

According to him, everyone experiences stress to some degree. The way one responds to stress, however, makes a big difference to their overall well-being.

He further explained the positive and negative effects of experiencing stress. In addition, he touched on certain key factors that cause stress in our daily lives.

Some of these include performance targets, institutional reorganizations, finances, abusive relationships, work load, work environment etc. In conclusion, he gave recommendations on how to better and effectively manage oneself and work when experiencing stress.

The Head of the HR Department in her response to some questions reiterated the open-door policy with which the HR Department operates. She encouraged staff to contact the office anytime they were experiencing stress and needed help.

She further urged the staff to keep healthy and stay safe by following all the laid down COVID-19 protocols at all times in order to give off their best to the Authority as the well-being of staff is a priority to members of management of the Authority.

Furthermore, she added that when all staff stay safe and healthy, the FDA can deliver on its mandate to the good people of Ghana.

Some staff who gave their feedback on the training said, “I learnt about the negative effects of stress on my output and also things to do to avoid stress.

"I have been reminded on the need to exercise, eat a balanced diet and remain calm in times when I am experiencing stress".

Source: thebusiness24online.net