Health News Sun, 30 Oct 2011

FDB cautions of outbreak of food borne disease

Accra, Oct, 30, GNA -The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) on Friday cautioned Ghanaians against buying food items at unhygienic shops and places, following the warning by Accra Metropolitan Assembly of a possible outbreak of cholera due to the occurrence of the recent floods in the area.

The FDB officials had started visiting markets and bus terminals to ensure that traders and food vendors comply with health safety measures and standards.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Food at FDB, Mr.John Odame Darkwah, said there was the possibility of an outbreak of food borne diseases if hygienic measures are ignored.

He said the “rains had carried lots of cabbage and filth including human excreta, which are the greatest carrier of cholera and contaminated waters had also gone into people homes and there is the need to alert the general public of these important issues.”

Mr Darkwah warned Ghanaians to desist from buying sachet water from street hawkers since it was difficult to tell if they the hawkers were observing basic hygienic practices and advised that sachet water should be bought from iced-chests where the risk of it getting contaminated was very minimal.

He advised people to wash vegetables thoroughly with potable water and if possible with soap before eating them and added “Avoid buying fruits, such as pawpaw and water melon, especially the slashed ones being sold on the streets.

Mr. Odame said “Let us build a healthy nation by eating well; which means eating the right food from the right environment devoid of filth and anything that can compromise the safety of the product.”

Source: GNA