Health News Tue, 9 Jun 2015

Ghanaians commended for donating blood to save flood victims

The National Blood Service is pleased with the responses from the public following calls for blood donation to help victims of last Wednesday’s flood disaster.

The Service says individuals, churches, mosques, among others organized themselves to donate blood to save lives.

The Head of the Southern Sector of the National Blood Service, Dr. Paul Mensah told Atinka AM that “the response is encouraging; it shows we care about each other”.

He said apart from blood, there were donations of money, clothes among others to support victims.

Asked whether the service needed more blood, Dr. Mensah explained that blood donation should be a routine exercise for everybody.

He said Ghanaians should periodically donate blood to the Service to enable them have blood stock at all times, adding, “we don’t wait till there is a disaster before we rush to donate blood”.

Source: atinkaonline.com