It’s time for Ghana to ban septic tanks for biodigesters - BAG

Sewage Pump Truck 8 A sewage pump trucks emptying human excreta into the sea. File photo

Wed, 1 Jul 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The use of biodigesters is the surest way to prevents human waste and untreated water from contaminating water bodies. In some instances, these untreated human excreta collected from our homes and toilet facilities end up in water bodies through open dumping.

A research conducted by UNICEF indicated that 76 percent of households in Ghana drink water that is contaminated with faecal matter.

The vice-president of the Biogas Association of Ghana (BAG), Daniel Osei-Bonsu, has urged the government to consider banning the use of septic tanks and adopting biodigesters which is more environmentally friendly.

“We want biodigesters to be installed in place of septic tanks in all homes and toilet facilities because of the enormous benefits that could be generated from it aside from helping to keep the country clean because most of the waste ends up in water bodies,” said Daniel Osei-Bonsu in an interview with Daily Graphic.

A number of state and private-owned waste management companies have treatment plants that recycle human waste into fertilizers among others. However, the increasing rate of human excreta generated in our homes has become a challenge considering the inadequate treatment plants across the various regions in the country.

Addressing the economic benefits of biodigesters, Mr. Osei-Bonsu also indicated that the association has commenced training for some 80 corporate members to help solve the unemployment challenges and has asked for support from the government.

Faecal Sludge Management

Faecal sludge management involves the collection, treatment and proper disposal or reuses human excreta from the septic tank. In Ghana, most households use septic tanks just a smaller population have biodigesters. For years house owners have employed the services of sewage pump trucks to pull-out the faecal sludge from their septic tanks when they become full.

Just a few homes have migrated to the use of biodigesters which has some considerable environmental advantages. A biodigester does not require a sewage system, it treats human waste and converts it into gas which can be used at home.

Some people believe that the cost involved in installing and maintaining a biodigester is expensive therefore making it unpopular.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com