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Poor Diet: Cause of Africa's Underdevelopment

By Paul Nyandoto

The poor diet that most African children are exposed to is one of the main causes of African poverty and underdevelopment. It could perhaps explain why it was easy for Europeans to colonise Africans and why Africa is still being exploited both by foreigners and by its own leaders. The brain is the intelligent part of the body. The highest function of life- thinking- takes place in the brain. Why are Kenyans and by extension Africans corrupt? Poverty. Poverty stems from lack of a balanced diet and as a result, poor or bad brain development. To conceive and execute good strategies, one requires good working brains. Good brains in turn need good food.

Consider the most recommended diet below:

Carbohydrates 50-60%

Protein 10-20%

Fats 30-35%

Fibres 25-35grammes/daily


Carbohydrates are a source of energy. Proteins ensure body growth and repair (remember brain growth and worn out cells also need replacements). Fats provide energy and fat soluble vitamins. Vitamins in small quantities keep you healthy. Mineral salts ensure healthy teeth, bones and muscles while Fibres help your intestines to function correctly

Most African children and adults do consume 90% of carbohydrates in their daily diet and about 10% of the rest. The most important source of protein to an African’s brain comes from the carbohydrates metabolism already in the body. This metabolism tries hard to change the too much consumed carbohydrates to protein. A growing human being and developing brains need a lot of protein. Proteins are very important for the repair of worn out or dead cells. This is seen even in hospitals after operations; a poor diet causes wound to heal slowly and poorly. Immunity, the way a body fights germs or diseases is also weak on individuals having poor diet. No brain will function well if you do not have enough food or good proteins.

Africans always blame the whites for malpractices that exist on the continent- while most of them are a result of our poor thinking. Consider the Anglo-leasing or Goldenberg scandals in Kenya. Europeans as well as respective African leaders were involved. But who is suffering? We see a very big difference on brain manipulations. Whereas Kenyan leaders were manipulating the system in Kenya and the tax-payers, the Europeans or Americans connected in these scandals were manipulating both our leaders and the common Kenyan man and woman plus their children.

You can extend that to the skewed global economic order that has made Africans producers of raw materials but left the processing of finished products to developed nations. We can’t harness our mineral resources; exploit solar energy; feed ourselves or even believe in ourselves unless a white man is involved! Isn’t that a show of malfunctioning or underdeveloped brains?

The past generation and present adults in Africa are already a let down to the continent. Just look at Gaddafi; how can a president call for a jihad war against a foreign country as Gaddafi is doing now to Switzerland- just because his son messed in Switzerland and was subjected to the Swiss law? Do you think he has any live brainy cells left in his head? What development will such a brain will bring to Africa? What development will brains that collude with foreigners to plunder Africa’s resources bring to the continent?

The poor diet theory explains a lot about the less achievement Africans have accomplished. The gene theory that laziness or brainless is more on blacks than in other races does not hold water anymore today.

We need to give our children better diets. We will see the difference. We need good diets- this will ensure good brains hence good mentors and good programmes. Most of Africans still eat a diet of 90% carbohydrates and 10% of very useless overcooked vegetables. This diet contains little or no nutrients required by the human brain to develop fully in order to handle due process. Our carbohydrate dependent society combined with leaders who are a product of carbohydrates is a recipe for disaster. Just visit any boarding school in Africa and consider its diet, then compare it with our European counterparts.

If the brain is already saturated with a lot of carbohydrates, do you expect to get any inventors? You will end up breeding more corrupt bookworms and 'proffessionals' who can't solve any problem in the society.

With a good diet, Africans can achieve wonders: do not forget that our continent is one of the richest in the world- but it lags behind to due underdeveloped brains.

By Paul Nyandoto.

Paul Nyandoto can be reached at paul.nyandoto@phsotey.fi.

Source: Nyandoto, Paul