Health News Wed, 20 Jan 2016

Public outcry mounts against eviction of medical icon

Public sentiment is rising against the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) for ordering the eviction of 86 years old Dr Uma Sen, considered a medical icon in the Volta region.

The VRCC allegedly re-allocated Dr Sen’s official bungalow to the Ghana National Fire Service, an action described by some health workers and individuals as unfair treatment.

Ms Afua Dzansi, Public Relations Officer, Regional Health Directorate said VRCC re-allocated the bungalow to GNFS and ordered Dr Sen’s eviction.

A caretaker at the bungalow said the GNFS had changed the main door and took the keys away.

Dr Sen, an Indian immigrant devoted all her life to public service in the Region as an obstetrician gynaecologist before retiring a few years ago.

Dr Sen fondly called “Mama” by the people of Ho because of her motherly care for pregnant women and babies had worked in the region for more than 40 years, having been transferred from Bolgatanga to Ho in 1973.

Dr Joseph Nuertey, Regional Director, Ghana Health Service, told a news conference that the Directorate decided to keep Dr Sen in a side ward at the regional Hospital for regular monitoring when she had a fracture of the left femur head in 2014.

He said the Directorate intervened in December 2015, on hearing that the Regional Coordinating Council was packing Dr Sen’s belongings out of the bungalow for re-allocation.

Dr Nuertey said Dr Sen came to Ghana in 1969 and was given permanent residential status and decided to live in Ho.

He said Dr Sen, who is not on pension, has been living on a stipend from the Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Service.

Few weeks ago, news went viral on social media that the Regional Health Directorate evicted Dr Sen from her bungalow and placed her in a side ward at the Regional Hospital.

The Deputy Public Relations Officer of the VRCC, Mr David Okonkwo Lartey told the GNA that the VRCC re-allocated the bungalow to the Regional Commander of the Ghana National Fire Service and did not know that Dr Sen was occupying the facility.

Source: GNA