Health News Mon, 1 Jul 2013

Pupils asked to practice good oral hygiene

A dental surgeon has advised school children to keep good oral hygiene in order to prevent dental problems.

He reminded children that if they rinsed their mouths with clean water after eating, it would help remove food particles so that the bacteria in their mouths would have nothing to work on to destroy their teeth.

Dr Victor Nyamalor, the dental surgeon at the Post Dental Clinic in Tema, gave the advice when he delivered a talk on “Oral Hygiene” at the Star Basic School at Community Five.

It was organised by the Rotary Club of Tema-Meridian with support from Unilever Ghana to educate the pupils on the need to practice good oral hygiene at all times in order to prevent tooth decay.

Dr Nyamalor advised them to brush their teeth upwards and downwards, and to also brush the back of their tongues.


He reminded the children that the best time for them to brush their teeth was before going to bed at night.

The Dental Surgeon advised parents to send their children to the dentist at least once a year for dental attention.

Mrs Carlotta Emefa Ayayee, out-going President of the Rotary Club of Tema-Meridian, said the Club embarked on the educational campaign for school children to maintain good dental care for healthy living, in order to use the time they would spend at the hospital on their studies.

Mr Gilbert Bosompem Ankomah, head teacher of Star Basic School, thanked Rotary and Unilever for the workshop, and expressed the hope that the children would put into practice the lessons on oral hygiene in order to have strong and healthy teeth.

Dental products from Unilever were distributed to the pupils.

Source: GNA