Health News Sun, 23 Oct 2016

Tooth extraction is bad - Dentist

The President of the Global Dental Foundation, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to dental care, Dr Kwame Asiedu Kissi, has warned against tooth extraction.

He advised that no matter how bad the state of the tooth, it should be treated with organic products because each tooth played an important role in the mouth.

In an interview with The Mirror on the effects of tooth extraction to dental health at Koforidua, Dr Kissi said those with dental problems must apply natural organic products such as organic mouthwash, organic powder and pyramid roots to treat all dental infections.

Dr Kissi attributed the causes of majority of dental problems to misapplication of toothpaste, the wrong use of toothpick and the inability of people to clean their teeth very well.

According to him, seven out of every 10 people in the world go for tooth extraction due to dental problems, but he pointed out that “no human being should extract his or her tooth.”

Dr Kissi said the foundation was, therefore, committed to helping treat all dental infections and get people to take good care of their teeth through the use of natural organic products.


Talking about the functions of the human teeth, Dr Kissi said people once thought that old age meant loss of teeth, but good dental care started early in life could help one’s teeth to last a lifetime.

On speech delivery, he explained that the teeth played an important role along with the lips and tongue in forming clear and understandable speech .

“Having healthy teeth and gums play vital roles in individuals and how they are viewed by others,” he pointed out.

According to Dr Kissi, “extracted or damaged teeth can restrict one’s diet, leading to insufficient breakdown of food and eventually cause digestive problems or life-threatening health issues.”

Dr Kissi emphasised the need for regular brushing and flossing to ensure good dental care, adding that one must visit the dentist at least every six months because “caring for the gums and teeth promotes a healthy and high quality life.”

“Toothache, which is due to many factors such as formation of a cavity or hole within the tooth, can be treated by avoiding sticky foods, white sugar products and cola drinks. One must also eat plenty of fresh fruits and at the same time consult the dentist,” he explained.

Source: The Mirror