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Trending GH: Ghanaians share what they know about deadly coronavirus

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Sun, 2 Feb 2020 Source:

At the start of this week the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide stood at about 7,00 with over 100 deaths. As at today December 2, 2019, the numbers have risen to over 14,000 confirmed cases and over 300 deaths with the first case of fatality outside China being recorded in the Philippines.

Speaking to some Ghanaians about the knowledge of the outbreak of the coronavirus, many expressed awareness and sourced social media as well as traditional outlets.

“I learnt it is coming from China and some of the signs are cough, sneezing, headache and others” A Ghanaian said.

“I know it is a virus that has erupted and it started somewhere in the Middle East. It starts with MER something and coronary……. we heard that it is something that is coming and encroaching. Recently I heard that it is at Ivory Coast,” another person told GhanaWeb.

For those who spoke to GhanaWeb on the outbreak, even though their knowledge about the virus is limited, they are calling on government to put in place measures and structures that will prevent the virus from being transferred into the country.

“Government should take safety measures. Maybe at the airports before someone comes into the country, they should be checked for any virus,” one of the people who spoke to GhanaWeb appealed.

Another person who wants the Ministry of Health to work in ensuring the virus is kept at bay said, “if the Ministry of Health has any help, they should help the Ghanaian citizens because we don’t want this kind of virus entering our country. It’s going to destroy most of our people.”

Others said they believe the necessary awareness must be created for people to be more informed about the virus and how to stay safe “just as it started in the case of Ebola.”

Since the first case of coronavirus was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year, the virus has spread to all the various provinces in China with cases reported in over 20 other countries.

Even though Ghana is yet to record a case, authorities from the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service say they are putting in place measures to prevent the virus from entering the country and to also effectively manage any outbreak that may come up.

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