WHO’s out to narrate the true coronavirus story

Mon, 18 Jan 2021 Source: Goldstreet Business

The crucial tight-lipped probe to get into the roots of the COVID-19 pandemic is set to begin in China soon. A World Health Organization (WHO) team of 10 scientists has arrived in Wuhan in Central China which saw the eruption of the pandemic for the first time in late 2019.

Coincidentally the team has arrived at the time of a resurgence of new coronavirus cases in the northern part of the country. While China admits that Wuhan is where the first clutter of the cases was detected, it refuses to say that the virus originated there.

Earlier in 2020 WHO was blamed for failing to communicate about the transmission of the coronavirus between humans which resulted in a sluggish response to the pandemic by countries across the world. According to recent reports WHO investigators were denied entry into China earlier this month.

For the time being, the suspense over the conclusion of the investigations is expected to prevail. Will a breakthrough unmask spine-chilling facts or will China be given a clean chit is something every country would want to know.

Markets being sensitive to twirling business climates, till the results of the findings are out, investors across the globe may keep their fingers crossed.

Source: Goldstreet Business