Women can also suffer urinary tract disorders - Urologist

Urologist Gna Dr Bosomtwe Boateng, a Urologist Specialist

Mon, 11 Jan 2021 Source: GNA

Women can also suffer urinary tract disorders, hence they need to undergo regular medical examination to forestall any mishap, Dr Bosomtwe Boateng, a Urologist Specialist at the Wenchi Government Hospital, has said.

Dr Boateng, who is also the Medical Director of the Bosomtwe Urology Hospital in Sunyani, said it was untrue that urology facilities were established for men only.

He said this during an interaction with Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene, the Sunyani Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), who visited the private urology facility to acquaint herself with its operations.

The MCE was conducted round the Hospital’s emergency unit, Out-Patients Department, theatre and ward.

Dr Boateng said cases of urinary tract disorders were surging, particularly among men, but added that that did not exempt women from undertaking a medical examination.

Madam Owusu-Banahene was highly impressed about the sanitation situation around the health facility and implored the workers to adopt prudent customer care services to satisfy clients.

“Patients of urinary tract disorders sometimes go through excruciating pains and any negative attitude towards them could greatly compound their condition,” she said.

“Patients are your clients and you need to serve them better.”

Madam Owusu-Banahene said it was incumbent on the management to ensure that service delivery was not compromised to wane the confidence of patients who visited the facility.

Source: GNA