Ghana Health Service honours Dr Awoonor-Williams

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Comment: Tribalism and blind nationalism

2021-02-21 21:30:50
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Ghana Health Service honours Dr Awoonor-Williams

It is difficult at times to understand the mentality of some northern elites. All the evil designs against a patriot like Awoonor were underpinned by tribalism . Northern folks a/brothers re happy to hold directorate positions in the other Regional administrations of the Ghana Health service but believe that such positions in the north should be reserved for their kinsmen . The situation (northern invasion of the GHS directorates got worse under the Northern Ministers of Health in the NDC era. The South did not complain.
I hope the North will appreciate what the south , especially Voltarians like Awoonor and Rawlings did for the north
VR does not insist only Voltarians lead Government institutions in the Volta Region , We welcome anyone who can make a meaningful contribution . Koku Awoonor is a gem and a transformational leader. He is a Director General that Ghana Health Service never had . It is sad the way he was treated with disrespect by a clique of bigots calling themselves elites

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Sleep on Feb 21, 2021 21:30
Tribalism and blind nationalism