Politics Wed, 13 Sep 2006

FEATURE: Lies Of Men Of Integrity

ROJO: The Secretary to the Fugitive Drug Baron receives $2000 a month and the Consultant and Deputy Director Administrator receives 1 million cedis a month. Even National Service Persons receive at 700,000.00 a month.

RAWLINGS: Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings declared that as at 1992, they jointly have 342,000 cedis, a fridge and radiogram and cooking utensils. Now they have opulently displayed their exotic taste to the Ovation Magazine. Yacht, Lady of the Night, 4 LAND CRUISERS,

Announced to Ghanaians on National Television on 4th July, 1982 that the killers of the judges were enemies of the revolution and that when they will be dealt with, meanwhile on 2nd July 1982 he had been informed that Amedeka and his group did.

When the December 31 coup celebration had been outlawed, he even celebrated it state resources and had a military honour bestowed on his daughter. " A man of integrity who has no respect for the rule of law.

ASAGA: Signs a dubious contract for the multiple purchase and leasing of an aircraft and in their haste to perpetuate never realised that his name has been "OSAGA"

Men of integrity who overturn taxis instead of reporting to the Police and beat up their party men for expressing dissenting opinions at a congress.

Fellow Ghanaians, do we need a lie detector to know the truth? The NDC should keep dreaming about 2008 which had long eluded them due to the good performance of the NPP Administration.

Expect more in my next write up.

Naa Okailey Tagoe

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Source: Tagoe, Naa Okailey