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Mon, 23 Mar 2020 Source: mynewsgh.com

A copy of a petition sighted by MyNewsGh that led to the suspension of the Krachi-Nchumuru Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) Mr. Joseph Kwame Danso Asiam has revealed the reasons.

According to the petition signed by Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee Kwame Anane Isaac to the Regional Secretariat, the NPP executive among other infractions described the DCE for the area as a ‘mad man’.

Read the full details below’

According to Article 4 clause 5(1) of the New Patriotic Party’s constitution, I Kwame Anane Isaac, a member of the party with membership registration number VRIG1910047A and NPP Krachi Nchumuru disciplinary committee chairman humbly write to petition your office in fulfillment of Art 4 clause 3 subsection 7b for the suspension and subsequent removal of our constituency chairman in the person of Joseph Kwame Danso Asiam on the stated grounds.

1. Conversely supporting, and soliciting the same for and campaigning for an independent candidate, in clear violation and breach of our party’s constitution Art 3(9) (1) and therefore constitute misconduct under Art 4(7) (1a).

2. Inciting and insinuating disunity among the konkombas and their landlords the humerus. Every member of the party is duty-bound to promote unity as enshrined in the party’s constitution under Art 3 (5) (A2). By this conduct of the constituency Chairman, it has the highest propensity to create disaffection and factionalism within the party, which in itself is a misconduct.

3. Insulting the democratically elected parliamentary candidate as a bushman nowhere and has no trace within the constituency.

4. Invoking unpalatable insults on the District Chief Executive (DCE) as ” mad man”

These and many others as captured in the trending audio has drugged the party’s image into disrepute and raises the question about his (chairman) loyalty to the new patriotic party -NPP.

I think that such behavior can only be described as misconduct under Art 4 (7) (1f, 1g) of the NPP Constitution.

Keeping him (Chairman Danso Joseph) as the leader of our Noble party has a lot of damning implications on our forthcoming elections on the following grounds;

1. He goes for important and sensitive meetings on behalf of the party and the parliamentary candidate at party levels. The security and fortunes of our party’s parliamentary candidate is in jeopardy.

2. He leads in the recruitment of the party’s agents for policing the ballot boxes at the polling stations at the election day. The nature and caliber of agents’ credibility and loyalty to be recruited are in question.

3. As the co-chairman of the campaign within the constituency, his disloyalty will undermine the efficiency of the campaign.

4. His disgust attitude towards the elected parliamentary candidate is not hidden since he is not ready to organize any party program to market the candidate.

I am solemnly calling on the leadership of the party to take serious action to put the party back on track because the conduct of our chairman in the constituency has been a serious issue of concern. From all indications, his attitude towards party work is seen as jeopardizing our chances in the constituency.

Article 3 section D of our constitution clearly explains the duties of a member of the party and which says all members shall:

(i) protect and promote the good name of the party;

(ii) protect the unity of the party;

(iii) be loyal and truthful to the party;

(iv) abide and publicly uphold the decisions of the party;

For emphasis and Extract of article 3, (9) 1, says a member of the party who joins or declares his support for another political party, or an independent candidate when the party has sponsored a candidate in a general election automatically forfeits his or her membership of the party.

His conduct is seen as causing more harm than good to the party and will seriously affect our chances if immediate action is not taken.

Sequel to the constitutional provision as excerpted above, he has grossly violated the supreme tenets of the great party and since rule of law is the bedrock of our party, it is my hope and expectation that, justice be allowed to reign.

Attached to this letter are audio recordings to substantiate my claim for his suspension and consequent removal from office as party chairman.

Thank you.



NPP Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Krachi Nchumuru Kwame Anane Isaac

Source: mynewsgh.com
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