Politics Wed, 31 Dec 2008

421,222 registered voters failed to vote in the Western region.

Sekondi, Dec. 31, GNA - Voters in the Western Region reduced their rejected Ballot papers in the December 7 election from 25,953 to 9,038 in the just ended Presidential Election Runoff in all the 2,240 constituencies in the Region.

By this reduction, 16,915 votes were split by both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In the December 7 election, Jomoro recorded the highest rejected ballot of 2,693 as compared to 412 it recorded in the runoff. Bia, which also recorded 1,955 reduced the figure to 605 as rejected ballot papers.

The Region, recorded 817,221 as total votes cast on December 7 representing 66.53 percentage turnouts as against the December 28 total vote cast of 807,210 representing 65.71 per cent. This means that 421,222 registered voters, out of a total of 1,228,432 failed to cast their votes in the Western Region on Dec. 28, while 411,211 also failed to vote on Dec. 7 2008.

The Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency, which recorded the highest percentage turnout of 79.22 per cent, again increased its voter turnout by eight percent. The total votes cast in the Bia constituency, recorded 48,568 representing 60.08 per cent in the December 7 as compared to 47,624 total votes cast, representing 58.91 per cent.

The Suaman Constituency recorded 10,305 representing 60.27 per cent on December 7 as against 9,699 representing 56.73 per cent. In the December 7 general election, the NPP received 376,270 votes while the NDC also recorded 372,400 in all the 22 constituencies. However, the NPP received 384,028 votes in the just ended runoff while NDC got 414,144 votes thus giving NDC 30,116 more votes than NPP in the Western Region.

Source: GNA