Politics Mon, 11 Jun 2012

Abuakwa North NPP denies defection story

A group calling itself the Potential Allies and True Supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Abuakwa North Constituency has denied recent defection story of 1,000 supporters of the party to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Addressing a press conference at Old Tafo on Monday, Mr. Nelson Aboagye Boafo, secretary to the group, said the story was untrue and part of the NDC propaganda machine working for Mr. Victor Smith, the Eastern Regional Minister, who is also the NDC parliamentary candidate for the area.

Some NPP supporters in the area who were not happy about the conduct of the constituency primaries last year announced their intention to vote for the NDC parliamentary candidate, Mr. Smith, and vote for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, flagbearer of the NPP, in the December polls.

Mr. Aboagye Boafo said in December last year, those supporters after series of meetings and consultations rescinded their decision to vote “skirt and blouse” and pledged their support to Mr. Joseph Boakye Danquah, NPP Parliamentary candidate for the area.

He alleged that GH¢50.00 each was given to a few of the skirt and blouse members who decided to work for Mr. Smith to throw dust into the eyes of the public that the firm roots that Nana Akufo Addo had established in the area was being destroyed.

Mr. Aboagye Boafo said the party was surprised to hear recently that more than 1,000 supporters of the party had defected to the camp of Mr. Smith, creating the impression that he was an obvious choice of the Abuakwa North constituency.

“We will like to assure our numerous supporters in this area and the entire nation that the said 1,000 defection to the NDC is untrue” he added.

He said the vile propaganda was being spread by just a handful of “stomach politicians” with no good conscience.

“We the potential allies and true supporters of the NPP in the Abuakwa North constituency do herewith decry and protest vehemently against the lies on the alleged defection of 1,000 NPP supporters to the NDC in favour of the skirt and blouse pattern of voting”, Mr. Aboagye Boafo declared.

Mr. Adu Acheampong who was part of the “skirt and blouse” team, spoke at the press conference and alleged that in the early part of this year, some supporters of Mr. Smith came to them that they wanted to give them loans from MASLOC so they should write their names.

He said they wrote their names in addition to paying GH¢8.00 to open a bank account for the processing of the loan.

Mr. Acheampong said since then the loan never came and all that they heard was that 1,000 NPP supporters had defected to NDC.

He said upon investigation they found out that it was those names which were used for the propaganda that all of them had defected to the camp of Mr. Smith.

Mr. Acheampong said they would continue to support Mr. Danquah to retain the seat for the party.**

Source: GNA