Politics Tue, 3 Jan 2006

Akyianu pleads with Obed to stay

The Central regional chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Vallis Akyaimu, has appealed to the former chairman of the party, Dr. Obed Asamoah, to rigidly abide by his welcoming address at the recent sixth National delegations Conference in Koforidua and rescind any decision to resign from the party.

Dr. Asamoah was quoted as saying that, the disunity in the NDC should be solved before elections and that disagreements were bound to occur in the party but these should not degenerate into war.

Mr. Akyiamu made the appeal when he met with the media at Cape Coast.

Dr. Asamoah has been quoted by a section of the media to have said that he did not need to resign form the NDC because he had already been chased out of the party.


?If he has an intention to resign he should not. He should rather use his rich experience to help rebuild the party?, Mr. Akyiamu said.

He said that he was of the opinion that changes in every organised institution are necessary, adding that it does not matter who won the chairmanship because ?everybody?s contribution to the party to win the 2008 election is paramount?

The regional chairman said that there were people outside the NDC who were trying very hard to divide it and ?break it, but they had failed?.

Mr. Akyaimu cautioned those members of the party who ?loosely talk? to the media without following the laid down procedures to stop it.

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