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Alan Kyeremanten is a platinum product for the NPP - COSAK

Our party is once again confronted with another difficult but necessary task to elect a leader who would not just lead us as a political establishment by adding up to numbers but, to bring on the table what is required of us as a party to capture political power.

As a democratic political institution, we have the obligation to offer the good people of this country a leader that the whole nation craves for.

Come December 6th, the NPP therefore is on its way to showcase talents and array of minds but which eventually only one would emerge a victor.

In harrowing experiences of our not so distant past, it is only imperative and Paramount that in choosing a flag bearer one ought to be meticulous and make a strategic decision rather than emotional but ill detailed decision that perpetually stagnates the party in opposition.

Upon scrutinizing, sieving and making informed analysis on the prospective aspirants who have filed for the flag bearer position, we at COSAK, believe that Alan Kyeremanten strongly remains the only antidote to our power drought looking at the current trends and dynamics in our political landscape.

COSAK is firmly convinced that Alan Kyeremanten is the best asset the NPP can rely on to deliver power come 2016, if delegates would do it right by considering him.

Having said that, we are by no means discrediting the other six aspirant's abilities but just re-echoing the fact that, even God has proven to mankind why he chooses certain prophets in certain seasons and times to perform a particular duty or task for His people as been read in the holy books, the Bible and the Quran respectively.

Change is needed in every facet of our individual lives and our nation as a whole.

For every society or establishment to progress or develop, people within must be ready to embrace a CHANGE that could bring total transformation. Casting our lot on Alan Kyerematen is not just for empty talk but for reasons that most of us in the NPP believe can finally offer us what we thirst for.

One would therefore ask why Alan? The multiple questions asked by those who probably have little or virtually no idea about this honorable man tried and tested not only in Ghana but globally.

Our group therefore wish to crave the indulgence of all and sundry through this medium to share the gospel of Alan John Kyeremanten; a man who started punching above his weight as early as age 9 when he got admission at the Adisadel College, a record that arguably is yet to be broken in our educational cycle as a country.

Alan has over the years built himself up for the task ahead as a transformational leader and one can only agree with the "Time Magazine" who in as far back as 1994 named Alan among some other 100 prominent persons that were seen to be changers of the then new millennium including Bill Gate.

Alan comes with so many qualities that gives the NPP a lot of strings to play on.


In an era of economic retrogression and mass poverty due to high rate of unemployment and the government's inability to create a viable environment and opportunities for individuals to work and create jobs to boost the private sector, one can only call for a leader in the shape of Alan Kyeremanten to steer the affairs of the country.

The private sector still remains the only lubricant that runs the engine of our economy and it is therefore important for those that seek to lead the nation to aside their leadership qualities, have the requisite skills to manage enterprises, and the gift to think creatively outside the box.

Alan comes into the picture again with his capacity and ability to create and provide tangible solutions to the economic anemia the country is suffering from.

With his rich experience as an international civil servant, Alan

Kyeremanten has showcased his readiness to put the unthinkable to reality. "EMPRETEC" alone cements the fact that he is the leader that can place value on what many despise to make it a highly sought for commodity.

Alan led the transformation of EMPRETEC from a UN project into an independent foundation and as the founding CEO, developed it into a world class establishment which is recognized as a successful model for enterprise development in Africa.

As the Trades, Industries and PSI minister, he again demonstrated how innovative he is as he introduced the Cassava and Oil palm exploration, garment production, distant learning in education and to mention but few. These innovations really benefited the country and even now.

The evidence among other things is the $8.5 million state of the art starch factory, which produces high-grade industrial starch for markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.

This created over 10,000 jobs for local farmers across the country. This starch is today being highly patronized by companies like Guinness, Nestlé Neat products companies.


One important quality of a leader is and for that matter a political leader is to have an irresistible charming personality that attracts people from far and near, across the political divide. A charisma that compels others from their own camp to join you even before listening to the message you carry.

Alan has an unflinching national appeal across the coastal belt, our Zongo communities and other unassuming minority groups that little attention is paid to but, has the ability to determine elections. We must admit as a party that politics is about winning power but with numbers.

The NPP cannot continually rely on its core supporters to win power but must select a candidate who can attract votes from other political groups. Alan remains the big worm that can catch that big fish.


Alan's commitment to unifying the party is something nobody on the shores of history can dispute. He has been preaching peace and has worked the talk to further cement his promise of leading a more unified party to battle in 2016.

There are instances where Alan has sacrificed his personal interest and ambitions for party unity.

Alan in 2007 had to sacrifice his Presidential ambition for the party's unity by stepping down for his compatriot Nana Addo to lead the party. This single act settles the disagreement to close.

His persona has endeared him and earned him lot of respect and love across the country.

His calm, meek, affable and gentle personality has projected his name throughout his life as an international civil servant. The coalition of students for Alan kyerematen therefore wishes to use this opportunity to recommend to our wise delegates to consider this noble man to lead our party by exonerating him come December 6.

Concluding the NPP must explore every other opportunity available by conducting a search into the psychology of the Ghanaian electorate to know the kind of leader they look out for.

We must elect an equally strong candidate with a national appeal who can deliver power much as we would want to build a formidable party come 2016.

Cosak...Buy Alan...Get power free!!!


Frederick Kumah

National President

David Dankwah Mireku

National Coordinator

Anita Amoakoh

National Secretary

Nana Achiaa Darkwa

Dept. Coordinator-Ashanti Region

Source: COSAK