Arms stockpiling unattractive under NDC - Tamale Mayor

Tamale Rally Alhaji Abdul Hanan Gundadow (insert), Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE)

Mon, 3 Oct 2016 Source: ultimate1069.com

Youth within the Tamale Metropolis are no longer stockpiling arms but rather focused on securing their future and making a decent living for themselves according to the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Alhaji Abdul Hanan Gundadow.

Hitherto the National Democratic Congress (NDC) taking reins of power, he said the youth within the city found comfort in stockpiling arms because the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had made violence more attractive than peace and its attendant benefits.

He accused the NPP of failing to solidify the future of its youth and train them in various vocations while it was in power but was rather focusing on arming them for attacks and reprisal attacks which is why the metropolis was always in chaos.

“Under the NDC, the youth are busily securing their future, and you can all bear witness that we now have peace and can go about our businesses without troubles or fear of being attacked. Stockpiling arms was made lucrative under the NPP government. You could not tell the difference between the sound of a gun and knockout. Thanks to John Dramani Mahama and the NDC government, today our youth are focused on getting jobs that will take care of their families,” he alleged.

The Mayor who was among guest speakers at the Tamale Central Constituency Launch warned the residents of the ancient city would live to regret if they allow the NPP to come back to power as this could be a recipe to insecurity.

He told cheering supporters of the party that the NDC has made life more comfortable for them by protecting lives and properties compared to the era of the NPP where they were always under curfew just because of the insecurity at the time.

“Indeed President Mahama has transformed your lives, and you must show gratitude by voting for him when we get to the polls. It is only through peace we can achieve our developmental needs, and I will want all of you to eschew violence by retaining the NDC because the NPP is a citadel of violence which we all know and have the records," he added.

Source: ultimate1069.com
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