Politics Tue, 7 Jan 2014

Atebubu-Amantin NPP in flames

There is a big crisis in the new patriotic party in the Atebubu-Amantin constituency.

Three card- bearing members of the party,namely:Mr Adu Bempah-an electoral area coordinator at Amantin market Square.Mr Mapha Abubakar-an electoral area coordinator at Nyomoase and Mr. Eric koranteng a member of the communication team here petition the Wenchi High court in Brong ahafo through a motion to see the notification or declare null and void the purported polling station elections conducted by the chairman, the research officer, organizer and women organizer,

youth organizer etc,with the secretary and the 1st vice chairman exempted.

The mentioned executives met at the chairman’s house and completed the polling station register, thereby disqualifying 352 old polling station executive members from the polling station primaries.

The above mentioned aggrieved party members are challenging the constituency executives on the following grounds:


  1. No proper committee was setup to oversee the running of the polling station elections.

  2. There was no time table to be followed

  3. The polling station forms were secretly sold to cronies of the chairman and the mentioned executives.

  4. The chairman and his cronies gave only two days for the selling of the forms and a day for the submission, thus depriving people of buying the forms.

  5. No announcement was made on the two radio stations based in the town.
  6. Prior some members of the party, who were aggrieved, sent the case to the Atebubu District magistrate court. The Regional chairman Lawyer Asomah Cheremeh had to come in so that both parties can make amends for the executives to do the right thing, it was done as expected and assurances were made hoping that was the end of the grievances.


    Surprisingly, the constituency chairman and some of his executives posted the polling station register at the party’s office notice board disqualifying the said 352 old members.

    The members who took the case to the Atebubu Magistrate court became offended and renewed their case at the same magistrate court through injunction.

    The Regional chairman who the aforementioned aggrieved people believed would remain neutral in this case rather supported his current executives, gave them a lawyer and went to Wenchi high court to seek court writ that Atebubu Magistrate court do not have jurisdiction to handle the case and that a high court has the mandate, with his chambers letterhead on the copy we received.

    The three aggrieved members proceeded to Wenchi high court to seek injunction as they claim the magistrate court does not have the mandate of restraining the chairman and his other executives from conducting any elections, which was slated on the 14th of December, 2013.

    The three aggrieved card bearing members have since sought a writ of motion at the Wenchi high court for the determination of the case


    The Wenchi high court upon upon the motion ordered the National chairman, the Regional chairman and the constituency chairman to appear before the Wenchi high court on 28th January, 2014 for the determination of the case.

    But a reliable source from the regional chairman’s office indicate that, the regional chairman has gone to Wenchi high court to seek for a counter motion against the three(3)aggrieved members and that the court should draw the date closer to 9th January,2014.

    We the concerned party members have realized that the constituency chairman and some of his executives, the Regional chairman and the National executives of the party are bent of destroying the party in the constituency.

    We hereby appeal to former President kufuor and others to intervene.





    Source: kwabena Adu Koranteng