Politics Tue, 4 Oct 2016

Bannerman will shock Nii Lante Vanderpuije - Former Odododiodio MP

The New Patriotic Party's sole victor in the Odododiodio constituency, Reginald Niibi Okaidja Ayi Bonte says the complacency of the incumbent MP of the area, the NDC's Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuije, will see him face a shocking defeat in the December 7 parliamentary elections in the Odododiodio constituency.

Speaking to Kwame Gyan on e.TV Ghana's State of the Nation current affairs programme, the one term MP said the audacity of the Sports Minister to expect a 70% win in the polls depicts the same level of complacency that led him to win the 2000 polls against the experienced Nii Okaidja Adamafio. "Even when the NPP miscalculated and presented Mankata's son in the by-election of 2005, what percentage of votes did he get? He got 39% so how can he even dream of a 70% victory against a formidable candidate like Nii Lante Bannerman".

During Vanderpuije's campaign launch over the weekend, former Sports Minister Elvis Ankrah said the target was to amass 70% of the votes in the area. He premised this on the performance of the former GBC sports journalist in 2012 as well as his performance as MP for the area.

In what was primed as a showdown of two former MPs of arguably one of Ghana's hottest constituencies, former NDC MP Jonathan Nii Tackie Komey did not show up for the interview despite promising to make it. He blamed his broken down vehicle for missing the live encounter with his cousin but political rival. NDC are only interested in Block and Cement Politics

Throwing spokes into the wheels of the NDC’s campaign, Niibi Ayi Bonte said “The dynamics of Odododiodio are changing. Regretably, the NDC are not seeing it and I’m very happy about that. Talk about Usher Clinic, I had it plastered and roofed and I provided them with water tanks.

James Town Maternity Hospital, I roofed it and I gave them water tanks, the St. Mary’s Anglican School I gave them bags of cement and they roofed it for them. Beyond that it appears our brothers in the NDC are only interested in block and cement politics. They are not looking at the intangibles. I believe in investing in the people so they can learn and get the opportunities to educate themselves to know there is more to achieve”.


Niibi Ayi Bonte, a mechanical engineer and a lawyer added that the December polls “is a referendum on Nii Lantey Vanderpuije and President Mahama. What has Nii Lante done with the monies government gave him? Before his election in 2012, there were rumours that he will do all the pavements in Odododiodio but call him now and he will deny saying it”.

“The wind of change is coming. When you live in a scatter-logical environment and there is a fart you will never know because the place is already smelling”.

Jonathan Nii Takie Commey former NDC MP of the Odododiodio constituency is however confident that Nii Lante Vanderpuije will win the constituency again. "The dynamics of Odododiodio can never change. I can sight you an example. Let's go to Tema East where we have my brother Glover.

How many ballots did Glover win with. It was about three to five votes. It was nine thousand and it was reduced to by a little number. In 2012, We doubled more what I even was able to obtain. In 2012, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije had 45,967 Mr Okai Kwey had 26,000. Considering these numbers, there is no way NDC is going to lose.

Source: Nii Ogbamey Tetteh