Politics Wed, 10 Dec 2014

Bastiat Ghana lauds political debate

Bastiat Ghana, an economic think tank has expressed appreciation that the country’s political debate is resurrecting intellectual debate that is full of sound reasoning and realistic approach to issues and challenges in a scientific manner.

This Dr Tweneboah Senzu, Head of the institute says is devoid of the usual political biases and emotions used to approach issues that never benefit the citizenry and tend to brand Ghana negatively.

A statement issued in Accra on Tuesday and copied to Ghana News Agency lauded the media and journalists who are promoting the positive trend by allowing the practice of their profession to be guided by ethical standards and understanding the core role they play to governance and the economic empowerment of the nation.

Dr Senzu also praised the scholars who are enlightening the people to reduce the level of ignorance in the country.

He said successive presidents of the country have always made it clear that “Ghana is for all of us” and by the effort of positive drive of individual citizens to the better future of Ghana could cause the transformation that the country is seeking.

“We believe as Bastiat Ghana that a step of sound intellectual debate by expert is the key to re-wake the patriotic spirit in our people and make knowledge achieve it purpose upon which it was produced and empower the economy of this country to become a centre of attraction to investors,” he said.

Source: GNA