Politics Sun, 23 Apr 2006

Being An "Outsider" Is An Asset In The 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Kennedy continues to show that being an "Outsider" is an asset in the 2008 presidential campaign in Ghana.

According to reports gathered from Ghana, Kennedy campaign against the Establishment is gaining some momentum. Kennedy?s presence in Ghana is making a huge difference.

Before proceeding to the report on the battle ground, Kennedy Campaign team would like to express a big thank you to supporters of Kennedy and assure them that none of their help/efforts in supporting the worthy cause of POSITIVE CHANGE for Ghana via Kennedy would be in vain.

According to the report from Ghana, Dr. Kennedy will soon be on his way to the US after a very successful tour of parts of Ghana before he moves permanently to Ghana to continue his crusade for better governance this year. Those who had the opportunity to accompany Kennedy on his voyage to the battle field have expressed their intense admiration and hope for Kennedy?s nomination as flag bearer for the NPP in 2008.

Kennedy comes at a time when Ghanaians are steadily and progressively loosing hope in the Establishment. The ?Old guys? have failed to deliver as per their own promises. Not only that but they don?t seem to have a plan to bring Ghana out of poverty. The name calling between the NDC and the NPP hierarchy tells it all. Ghana for sure needs NEW breed of leadership in the Castle and it is the duty of every Ghanaian to make sure this happened.


For how long would we sit down and allow the Establishment to toy with our land? We may be comfortable in the Diaspora but what about posterity and family members we have left at home? ?Twene wo man yi ho.? A time is coming and even now when the remittance would not do the miracle any longer. Watch the trend of world politics and advise yourselves. Nationalism is spreading fast even in the West. There is no where sweeter than home. All we want is a better Ghana devoid of anarchy and wars.

Arthur Kennedy received a rousing welcome in the Cape Coast, Brong-Ahafo Region and parts of Ashanti. Many were flabbergasted at the responses from the NPP delegates. Dr. Kennedy was at his best in the B/A region as you would see in a full report later.

In many of his interviews Dr. K. spoke in the local dialect. According to his audience, Kennedy really exceeded (their) expectations. The people?s response was very positive and it appears that being a so-called "Outsider" is now an asset in the presidential campaign. The fact is that the delegates (about 90%) are fed up with Kufour and his ministers. Consequently, the top contenders will really have to work very hard to win them back. This is where there is an opportunity for the New Blood, including Kennedy to strategize and win.

As of now the key issue would be money. One would need to raise a lot of funds to compete with the Establishment who have had the opportunity to save enough for the impending elections. If you have been observant enough you would realize that the Establishment are relying more on their money power at the expense of ideas and vision for Ghana. They know that at the end it is money that talks in Ghana and not ideas and vision.

Fellow Ghanaians lets prove them wrong this time by putting our weight behind vision and ideas. You and I would be better of electing an ?Outsider?- (though not necessarily true as the Establishment would have us believe that anyone coming from the Diaspora is an outsider)- who loves the country enough to tackle with our poverty and lack of infrastructure than to vote the same people who continue to loot from us. This is our chance. If we miss this it will take another 4 years or more before we may have the opportunity again. And remember, Time is money.


It cannot be overemphasized that MONEY will be the deciding factor in this campaign; anything less will be a joke. Unfortunately many Ghanaian voters (especially the delegates) would only listen to ideas and vision when one can foot the bills. Fortunately in the case of Kennedy Campaign the money will be for going round and not necessarily for bribing as Kennedy holds a strong view against corruption. He has been criticizing the effectiveness of Kufour?s ?Zero tolerance? and he would be expected to live his words.

Many Ghanaians believe that their redemption would be from the Diaspora (or New Blood) however, they would wait for presidential and parliamentary hopefuls like Kennedy themselves to be on the battle ground before they could make a decision. As Dr. Kofi Barimah would say, ones presence would determine ?whether this war will be fought with cutlasses, bazookas or precision-guided missiles.?

On this note the Kennedy 2008 Campaign team would like to solicit your support in cash and kind as Kennedy continues to fight for the interest of Ghana and posterity. Kennedy holds the view that a president must live above reproach, help his/her country enough without looting from them and allow history to the judge and reward our leaders after they leave office. African Heads of State must take a cue from Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

Folks if we are tired of seeing Ghana running in circles and want Ghana to move ahead then we would have to support progressive candidates in both presidential and parliamentary elections come 2008. Talking may not be enough. Those of us who can, would have to open our wallets!!! Our goal is achievable if we are willing to give our widow's mite in addition to being on the battlefield on a daily basis.

May God bless Ghana.

Source: Kennedy Campaign 2008