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CPP Chairman calls for truce

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has assured Ghanaians that all is being done to resolve the impasse that has rocked the party in recent times so it can forge ahead in unity and campaign for victory in the impending polls, says party chairman Prof Edmund Delle.

To this end, Prof Delle has called for a truce within the party to allow the disciplinary committee to work to settle the case involving the interdicted General Secretary, Nii Amarh Akomfrah, and the National Youth Organiser, Ernesto Kofi Yeboah.

It would be recalled that the party’s Central Committee on Thursday June 30 interdicted Nii Amarh Akomfrah and Ernesto Kofi Yeboah, following conducts the party described as gross indiscipline, which brought the name of the party in disrepute.

The chairman in an interview over the weekend reiterated the fact that he had nothing against the two interdicted officers, and assured the party faithful and all Ghanaians of the readiness and commitment of the leadership to resolve the impasse in time.

He, therefore, called for cool heads to prevail and “allow peace to prevail in the party”, even as the Disciplinary Committee works to resolve the matter.

Describing the CPP as a party that believes in democratic centralism, the chairman mentioned that was why Central Committee’s (the highest administration body of the party) majority decision was supported by the party.

Saying that the party was a peaceful one, Prof Delle assured Ghanaians that what was happening within the party was a passing cloud, and advised all media houses and media practitioners not to entertain any member of the party who goes to talk about the issue currently before the Disciplinary Committee.

He restated the fact that the party was ready to campaign on issues and ideas, calling on all to ensure that the political campaigns were devoid of insults, rancour and character assassination.

The veteran politician said, “The CPP believes in comradeship and forbearance”, urging aggrieved members of the party to follow appropriate channels to resolve problems of the party indoors and stop commenting on the matter in the media.

On corruption

The chairman pointed out the party’s commitment to fight corruption at all levels, and stated that the action of the Central Committee should not be misconstrued as the party being against those fighting corruption.

“It should not be understood that we are against anybody who talks against corruption, we are only saying that it was a procedure we wanted to be followed,” he observed, adding that those who do not know the party’s position on corruption should stop deceiving the public.

With his open door policy of running the party, the chairman and leader of the CPP called on any member of the party who is not satisfied or aggrieved with the party to approach him and lodge their complaints with him so that they would find appropriate channels to address them.

Although the party believes in an issue-based campaign, Prof Delle intimated that “we do not want anybody to provoke mayhem in the party or in the country.”

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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