Politics Fri, 13 Aug 2004

CPP Thanks Youth Organisations and Others??

The International Campaign Coordinating Committee for CPP (IC4) has written to Ghanaian Youth Organisations, Community Organisations , Black Groups ,Progressive Groups and various individuals in the USA and Germany, to thank them for their pledges of support since the launch of the CPP?s International Campaign last month.

IC4 extended particular thanks to the Association of Young Ghanaians(AYG), Ghanaians In Britain(The GIB), Die Ghana Union (Deutschland) and The Association of Ghanaians In America (ASOGIA) for their public press releases in support of the CPP.

The letter to the various organizations noted that the Global support has contributed to the unstoppable momentum of the CPP election campaign. It went on to say that the ?Tide Was Turning? in favour of the CPP in towns and villages as the ?Whistle Stop? tours of the CPP Presidential Candidate ? Mr George Aguddey , reaches small communities across Ghana.

IC4 asked that their pledges of support must now be transformed into practical deeds to ensure a CPP Government is elected. ?When you remit monies to your friends and family, as you talk to them on the telephone, as you write to them or send messages to them, please ask them to vote for the CPP?, the IC4 letter said.

The letter concluded thus ?The CPP is the natural party of government in Ghana as its core values , its aims and objectives are in harmony with the aspirations and needs of the overwhelming majority of the population of Ghana?.


Yours In The Service Of Ordinary Ghanaians IC4 Secretariat

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