Politics Wed, 16 Jul 2014

Call lying Bugri Naabu to order - COSAK

We, The Coalition of Students for Alan Kyerematen (COSAK) have observed that, with barely four months to the NPP's Congress to elect its flag bearer, many are the issues that have come up with respect to ensuring a united front to propel the great party into government again come 2016.

Treating such advocacy with the importance and urgency it deserves, seem to be on the blind side of some surrogates within the party, who have made it their ambition to whip public sympathy at the expense of other people's had earned reputation.

One of these surrogates is Mr.Bugri Naabu, the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP; A deadly virus that should not be entertained by the party's leadership at all. Bugri Naabu after spewing out lies and insults on our party's leadership including our Ex-president Kufuor and the former Chief of staff Kojo Mpiani a month ago, comes out again with another concocted and a well-orchestrated lie accusing followers of Hon.Alan Kyeremanten of seeking for his life.

We must point out that, no supporter of Alan has threatened Bugri Naabu. This is part of the diabolic schemes deliberately orchestrated to create unnecessary public disaffection and hatred for Hon. Alan Kyerematen and his teaming supporters, but we tell him it will not work this time. Ghanaians and NPP members should treat such fabrications with contempt.

According to the report by the palaver as published on GhanaWeb, Bugri Naabu said "They are anticipating they can kill me and have started threatening my life but I want to send a word of caution to them that no human being can take my life except my creator " He claims he has being receiving threatening calls and messages from anonymous users who are within the party and are supporters of the man many have the believe to cause a shock in the upcoming contest Hon. Alan Kyeremanten.

Interestingly, when asked if he has made an official report to the Police he said no and would just want to keep it to himself. Can this man be taken serious at all? Nobody can tag Hon.Alan Kyeremanten with such fake stories because he is a fine gentleman with no record of inciting his supporters against any party member not to talk of condoning or encouraging his supporters to embark on such act. A man seen by many people across the globe as an epitome of peace and humility, cannot in any way whatsoever be subjected to such wicked accusations.

One cannot be oblivious with the fact that Bugri Naabu has a hidden agenda against Hon.Alan Kyeremanten and the party's leadership at large. The big question is, why is Bugri Naabu always suspecting the current party's leadership? If things were done right in the past and if party structures were followed, why is he pressing the panic button today? We are by this piece and medium challenging Bugri Naabu to come out with the said threatening messages with their dates attached.

Again we're challenging him to report the matter to the police for a thorough investigation to unmask those supporters he claim to come from Hon.Alan Kyeremanten's camp. Failure to do so, will leave the public with no option than to treat his loose talks with the magnanimous contempt it deserves.

Concluding, we wish to draw the attention of our party's leadership to bring this man to the disciplinary books of our party before he finally destroys efforts being put together to ensure a united front after our Congress. They preach unity but are themselves apostles of disunity.

COSAK believes that the victory of Hon Alan Kyerematen is not negotiable.

COSAK... Buy Alan... get power free!!!


Frederick kumah - National president

Nana Achiaa Darkwa - Dept. Cordinator Ashanti Region

Anita Amoakoh - National Secretary

Source: COSAK