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Chiefs should stop dabbling in partisan politics - Nana Anigyei

The chief of Nwamaase traditional area in the Ashanti region Nana Addai Anigyei has cautioned his colleague chiefs to desist from engaging in partisan politics.

According to him, they must respect their throne and live exemplary life to their members to recognize their maximum credibility in the society.

He added that, it against the norm’s and culture of Ashanti Kingdom for a sub chief or Paramount to declare his support for any political party in the country.


He stated that, when a chief declared his support for any political party, it tarnishes the image of the Ashanti Kingdom in which they serve and loses such chief respect, credibility and the throne.

He therefore appealed to all chiefs in their various traditional areas to abide with the norm’s in the kingdom.

Chiefs who endorsed political parties during the electioneering were heavily criticised for dabbling in partisan politics.

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