Politics Fri, 7 Sep 2012

Clueless NDC Doubts Visionary Nana Addo’s Free Education Policy

The visionary Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP have intelligently identified the development of the human capacity of Ghanaians as the fundamental panacea to the menacing political, economic and social distress unleashed on Ghanaians by the corrupt and incompetent NDC government. Nana Akufo-Addo has unequivocally stated that his goal is to provide transformational leadership and help build a prosperous society, which creates opportunities for all its citizens. Pivotal to this laudable vision is his proposed free Senior High School education policy to equip Ghanaians, especially the youth, with the requisite expertise to transform the economy and meet the challenges of contemporary dynamic and scientific global society. Expectedly, the clueless and self-centered President Mahama and his NDC cohorts deeply engrossed in corruption a la woyomegate, at the expense of national development mocks it as utopian. We in the NPP-USA obviously never expected any positive response from a grossly incompetent and corrupt Mahama government, whose inescapable economic mismanagement and corruption have plunged us into the current bleak state of our national economy.

As Nana Addo articulated, it is a shame that despite its resource capabilities, Ghana’s budgetary allocation to Senior High School education pales in comparison with most developing countries even those with lesser resource capabilities. Ghana in 2012 allocates 4 % of its GDP to secondary education far below UNESCO minimum of 6%. Kenya spends 6.7% of its GDP on education, South Africa 6% and even tiny Lesotho allocates 13% of its GDP on education. Per thorough analysis and planning, the NPP finds that Ghana requires only additional cost of around 1% of Ghana’s GDP to provide Free and efficient Senior High School education. Providing free secondary education will increase the total educational expenditure from the 4.1% of GDP in 2012 to 5.8% by 2016. The vampire NDC that admits paying out some GH¢640 million, equivalent to 1.4% of Ghana's 2010 GDP as judgment debts to its party patrons are simply unwilling to spend additional 1.3% to give the Ghanaian youth the opportunity of self-fulfillment.

Currently, the standard of Ghana’s education is appalling with most of our children falling out of the school system. Many children never have the opportunity to enter the four walls of a classroom. Over 60 per cent of those who do not make it to secondary school. The worst BECE results were unprecedentedly recorded under the aloof but looting NDC brigade with the active connivance of the corrupt John Mahama regime. One would expect that a President Mahama who benefitted from free education, a man who strangely claims to be a youth at age 54 and therefore clamors for the support of the youth would unconditionally support the very policy that benefitted him and would develop and empower the youth. President John Mahama is one the selfish individuals that shuts the door of opportunity after he has passed through. Unfortunately he lacks the vision, courage, political will and the integrity to extend the same educational opportunity he enjoyed freely to the Ghanaian youth.

Undoubtedly, NDC’s spiritual mentor and founder, former President Rawlings challenged President Mahama to restore dignity and integrity to the presidency at their recent Congress in Kumasi. The truth is President Mahama cannot meet Rawlings’ challenge because he is a dishonest, corrupt, elitist and a leader without integrity. John Mahama is the selfish elite who goes through the door of opportunity of free education and has the audacity to slam the door behind him denying same opportunities to the majority poor youth of Ghana. President Mahama and his corrupt cohorts do not get it since they lack the requisite leadership competencies to implement bold policies that are simply the reserve of courageous and visionary leaders like Nana Addo.

President Mahama’s abysmal record in the past three and half years attests to his leadership incompetence. President John Mahama has been an active and willing participant in some of the most scandalous contracts and loan agreements in Ghana’s history. Against all competent advice, he signed the most corrupt loan agreement ever contracted by any government of Ghana, the US$10 billion STX housing deal. The Korean company collected a staggering $264 million in so-called ‘political risk insurance’ for no work done. John Mahama contracted the acquisition of the Embraer 190 presidential jet, disguised as a military jet that ridiculously inflated price of $1million for a staircase, $1million for entertainment package and $17million for a hangar to park the plane. He championed the SADA project; a concept stolen from the NPP’s Northern Development Authority but failed his promises. What the clueless NDC feigns to forget is that unlike the NDC, the NPP is a “Can –do-Party” with a comparatively remarkable track record of visionary achievements deemed utopian by the naive NDC.

For example, the NPP inherited a GDP growth of 3.7% from the NDC in 2000 and bequeathed to the NDC 8.4% GDP growth rate in 2008 which they unbelievably run it down to 2.8% in 2011. The NPP introduced the Metro Mass Transit, but have been abandoned by the NDC government. In 2003, the NPP replaced the Cash-and-Carry health delivery system with the National Health Insurance Scheme but the NDC government has run down the NHIS. The NPP introduced the Free Maternal Care for expectant and nursing mothers but the NDC government has collapsed it. The NPP introduced the Capitation Grant and the School Feeding Program in September 2004 but the NDC has politicized and messed them up. The NPP found the oil but they are looting the income rather than investing in national development. The cedi is on a free fall-. In the last 3½ years alone the cedi has lost 81% of its value to the dollar. Fellow Ghanaians, the 2012 elections is about choices. Ghana is at the crossroads where we need determined, courageous and visionary leaders to take bold actions to redeem Ghana from the social, economic and political doldrums that the NDC has bedeviled Ghana with. Nana Addo offers that leadership with this achievable free education policy among other laudable policies. Nana Addo believes that when you walk through the door of opportunity you don’t slam it behind you and prevent others, especially the needy majority, from entering. Nana Addo and the NPP believe in investment today prosperity tomorrow philosophy. To Nana, success is not how much money you make but the difference you make in people’s lives. Ghana in earning the accolade as the doyen of Africa’s independence, democracy and an island of peace has what it takes to do what putridly corrupt politicians deem as impossibility. If Ghana has achieved these unequalled heights, then surely we can give our children the opportunity to achieve the Ghanaian dream. If we want to give the youth a sense of possibility and hope in life despite their impoverished background, then we have to vote the visionary pair of NANA/BAWUMIA on December 7, 2012. Despite the vague but “tasty” promises of a “Better Ghana Agenda”, NDC’s unprecedented achievements” are high cost of living, massive unemployment, massive corruption among government officials, poor educational and health systems, hostilities across the country, the upsurge of armed robbery, politics of insults and poor sanitation. These are manifestations of NDC’s failed leadership yet it continues to use infantile propaganda through “Team B babies with sharp teeth” to lie to the suffering masses of Ghana. We reiterate our position that it will be calamitous to give President Mahama and his corrupt woyomites another mandate come December 2012. VOTE NANA AND NPP ON DECEMBER 7 FOR A PROSPEROUS GHANA. LONG LIVE GHANA!!!!!

Source: NPP-USA Public Relations Committee.